How To Read Your Bill

With our new system roll-out, you may have noticed your bill looks a little different.  Nearly all of the information that was on your bill previously is still there, but in some cases it may be in a different spot, so below is a summary of the sections of your bill and what kinds of information is in each section.

1) Account Information – This section will contain your basic contact information as well as general billing information, such as the period bill for, total amount due, and when your particular billing due date is
2) Current ChargesDepending on whether you have water and/or electric service you could have one or two sections here. Each section will contain the amount you used as well as the billed amount for each item related to your water or electric service.  The Current Charges for water will contain detail regarding each price tier.
3) Other ChargesThis will contain the billing detail of all non-metered services such as Sewer, Garbage, Stormwater, and if you are a Georgetown Utility Systems electric customer, the Energy Conservation Fee.
4) Amount DueHere you will find the Previous Balance of your last bill, the Payments made since your last bill, the Current Charges of your current billing period, and the Total Amount Due by Due Date.
5) Consumption Details & Historical UsageIf you have electric and water service, this section will be found on the reverse side of your bill. Here you will find the detail of your electric and water consumption, such as the Start and End Reads, meter information, and total consumption.  Additionally, you will see a graph of your consumption for your metered services.

FAQ – Budget Payment Plan

Unpredictable variations in the weather make it very hard to fit your utility bill into a budget. Utility bills may vary monthly according to your consumption.

To help our customer “even out” the highs and lows of their utility bill payments, the City of Georgetown is offering an optional payment program to our residential customers. We call our program the Budget Payment Plan (BPP).

How does the plan work?

Each month, our BPP payment is an average of your current bill and the previous 11 billings, plus 5% of the balance in your reserve, whether that balance is a debit or a credit. This new plan does not change the rates that you pay or the amount of your consumption from month to month. It simply allows you to pay less in high usage months by paying more in low usage months.

What is a reserve balance?

The reserve balance is the difference between the actual charges that you incur and the averaged amounts that you pay. Depending on the fluctuations in your billings, it may sometimes be a debit or credit balance.

Will I pay the same amount each month?

No. Because it is an average including the current billing, and 5% of your reserve, THE AMOUNT YOU PAY EACH MONTH WILL VARY SOMEWHAT. It will not be a set amount.

How will I know what I really used?

Your electric and water meters will still be read each month, with the actual consumption printed on the bills, as usual. Also, under the amount due heading of your bill, total current charges will be the actual charges incurred. The blue total amount due by due date total will be the averaged amount that you pay. The difference will go into your reserve.

How do I know if I am eligible?

In order to qualify for the BPP you must…
Be a residential customer
Have no disconnections for nonpayment, insufficient checks or more than 2 late payments in the last 12 months of history.

How do I sign up?

If you would like to have your utility account billed though our Budget Payment Plan, please print and complete this application, found at the link below, to the Georgetown Utility Systems Customer Care, PO Box 1430, Georgetown TX 78627. If you would like more information, please call our office at 930-3640.

Budget Payment Plan Application

How to Contact Us?

Georgetown Utility Systems (512) 930-3640

Location: 300-1 Industrial Ave., Georgetown, Texas 78626
Lobby Hours: Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Call Center Hours: Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.


New Customer Self Service Portal

To access the new customer portal, please click the link below.  If you have have not set up an online account, the instructions below will assist with the creation of your new online account.


The Georgetown Utility Systems online customer self service portal is now live.  When navigating to the new portal for the first time, you will need to click the button to set up a new account.   In order to set up your online account you will need the following items:

  • Before attempting to create a new log in you will need to have the following information readily available.
    • Access to a valid email address that can be checked.
    • Customer Utility Account number, (if using an older account number it must contain the dashes.  Example 123-4567-89, new account numbers are in the following format 100123456.)
    • Drivers License used when utility account was initially set up.


    1. First thing you will need to do is click on Sign up now.  All customers must set up a new account on the new customer portal below.

    2. Starting with the first box “Email Address”, you will need to enter a valid email address and click the button which says “Send Verification Code”

    3. Next thing is you will need to be able to check the email address you used for an email from Microsoft that says: “Microsoft on behalf of GeorgetownCSS”.  That email will contain a six digit verification code.

    4. Once you have the verification code you received in the email you can enter it into the box labeled “Verification code”.

    5. Now click on the button to Verify code, you will get an error if you do not enter a valid code. Note, the verification code is only valid for a few minutes.

    6.  Once the verification code has been entered successfully you can complete the rest of the form.  Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters long, contain at least one capital letter, one numerical digit, and must include one of the following characters !,@,#,$,%,^,&,* (Example: Gtown123!)

    • Customer Account number must contain dashes if you are using the old system account number (example: XXX-XXXX-XX). The new billing system account number can also be entered (example: 10016223).
    • Driver License – Enter the driver license number used when the original utility account was set up. The sign-in will not work if the driver license number does not match the one in the system.
    • If you initially created your utility account with an out-of-state driver license that is no longer valid and you cannot find that number, contact Customer Care at or 512-930-3640. Have your current driver license information ready. A Customer Care representative will provide that information to utility staff who will be able to help you complete the steps to create a new account. Due to high call volume, there are long wait times. You can also email Customer Care and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.
    • The “CREATE” Button will turn GREEN – once the entire form is filled out.
    • Hit CREATE – If all the data is correct– it will take you to the Home Page of the Customer online portal!

    If you are ready to complete your account set up please click the button below to access the Customer Self Service portal.  Remember to keep this page open if you need to reference the steps.


During this transition period we will not assess late fees.
To make a payment over the phone, dial 1-855-347-0509.

Dates and times for walk-in help at an office location are listed at This page will be updated as new dates and times are added.

Paying Your Bill

Georgetown Utility Systems (GUS) has launched a new online billing portal that provides residents a way to manage usage and payments more effectively.  Customers can now log on to our new customer self service portal, by clicking here, to pay their bill, track and compare usage, and receive timely information and updates.  By creating an account, users can sign up to receive billing and service notifications and set up auto pay by debit/credit card or bank draft.  Customer are ensured peace of mind knowing that their sensitive payment information is protected by the most stringent Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements.

In order to complete the account sign up process, you will need the following information:

  •  Account Number –  (Account number must be typed how it appears on the bill.  If there are dashes, on the bill, you must also type in the dashes when creating the account.)
  • Email Address –  (You will have to have access in order to receive a verification code, sent to the address you provide)
  • Personal Identification Information – example,  Drivers License

Future plans for the service include tailored products for water conservation programs, expanded smartphone technology capabilities such as outage notifications, bill and payment alerts, and bill pay options.

More Ways to Pay

Online Payments:  

  • One-time payments can be made through the new customer portal beginning on 8/6/2018. Click here for access.
  • Customers will be issued a new account number that will need to be used to update their online bill payment account. This number can be found on your bill dated after 8/6/2018.

Auto-draft accounts: (Credit/Debit or Bank Routing):

    • If you are a current auto-pay customers – You will need to set up a new auto-pay account via the new portal after August 6, 2018. Click here for access.

24-hour Payment Drop Boxes:

  • Available for after-hours, weekends and holiday payments
  • Locations:
    •   113 E. 8th St. (east side of City Hall)
    • 300 Industrial Ave. (Municipal Complex)
    • 851 FM 970, Florence, TX (formerly Western District Office)

Regular mail:

  • Mail payments to Georgetown Utility Systems, P.O. Box 1430, Georgetown, TX 78627

Customer Care Call Center:

  • Call us at (512) 930-3640, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. for assistance.

Lobby and Cashiering Center:

  • Located at the Georgetown Municipal Complex, 300-Industrial Blvd, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Does your bank send us your utility bill payment? Please take a few minutes to verify the utility account number is the same account number on your bill payment sent from your bank. Not having the correct utility account number may delay or keep your payment from being posted.

How to Read Your Bill

If you would like information on what is on your bill, click here




Georgetown Utility Analysis and Reporting Doorway is a customer portal which allows customers to track water and energy usage on a daily basis. This is a great tool to gain an understanding of how much water and energy customers consume, and can be useful to help with conservation and reducing cost of utility bills. Click on this LINK to view our helpful GUARD introduction video that will provide instructions for registering and utilizing this great tool.  Click HERE to register.

Electric Water Heater Rebate


Georgetown Utility Systems (GUS) is committed to helping our customers save money on their electric bill. If your conventional electric water heater was purchased prior to 2015, it may not be as efficient as it could be since national standards have changed. GUS electric customers choosing to replace their old conventional electric water heater with a new electric model having an energy factor (EF) rating of .95 or higher will be eligible for a $100.00 rebate.

Looking for an upgrade? Replace that old conventional electric model with a new electric heat pump (hybrid) unit with an (EF) rating of 2.0 or higher for a $500.00 rebate.


To be eligible for an electric water heater rebate, you must be a GUS electric customer and owner of the property where the new unit will be installed.

Installation Requirements

Licensed Contractor/Plumber Installation

Water heater replacement for GUS electric and water customers within the Georgetown city limits requires a permit prior to installation and an inspection afterwards.  If a licensed contractor/plumber is performing the installation, they must be registered with the GUS permitting department prior to beginning work.  The contractor/plumber will apply for the permit and schedule the inspection.

DIY Installation

If you are replacing your water heater yourself, you still need a permit and follow-up inspection. You may apply for the permit and schedule the inspection here:  Click on Permits & Licensing and follow the instructions.  Remember to log back on to schedule your inspection once installation has been completed.

Whether you install your new electric water heater yourself or hire a licensed contractor/plumber, the following requirement MUST be met:

  1. A city permit must be obtained prior to installation (see special permitting exceptions below). You may apply for your permit here:
  2. The new water heater must be installed to meet all city codes.
  3. The new water heater must be permanently installed in the home.
  4. The new water heater must be inspected by a GUS building inspector once installation is complete. You may schedule your inspection here:
  5. The new water heater must be electric. Gas appliances do not qualify.

Special Permitting Exceptions

GUS electric customers living outside the city limits may or may not be required to obtain a permit and follow-up inspection depending on several factors.  If you live outside the city limits and are considering applying for a rebate, please call our customer care unit first to determine if a permit and inspection is required for your address.

You can reach our Customer Care department at (512) 930-3640.


Applying for a Rebate

Applications for the rebate must be accompanied by a copy of the invoice (if using a licensed contractor/plumber) or a copy of your receipt from the place of purchase.

Fill in all boxes on the rebate form. Incomplete applications may delay your rebate or cause it to be denied.

There are four ways to submit your application for rebate:

1. Print and submit the paper form with invoice or receipt in person at the Georgetown Municipal Complex located at 300-1 Industrial Blvd., Georgetown, TX 78627.  The rebate form can be downloaded here.

2. By mail:

Georgetown Utility Systems
Attn: Energy Coordinator
P.O. Box 409
Georgetown, TX 78627

3. Scan and email form and invoice or receipt to

4. Submit your application by using the online form found here: You will be  required to attach a copy of your invoice or receipt.

Things to remember when applying for a rebate:

You must submit your rebate application within 30 days after the follow-up inspection. You will need the following information to complete the application:

  1. GUS Customer Account Number
  2. Type of water heater (conventional or hybrid)
  3. Name of the manufacturer of the new water heater
  4. Model number of the new water heater
  5. Serial number of the new water heater
  6. Energy factor (EF) of the new water heater
  7. Size (gallons) of the new water heater
  8. Receipt/Contractor Invoice

Utility Payment Scams

Did someone from the City of Georgetown or Georgetown Utility Systems call and demand payment on the phone? Don’t be fooled. It’s a scam.

The scammers typically demand payment to a special toll-free number with a pre-paid credit card. Deceptive technology can create the illusion on caller ID that the call is from the City or the utility.

Georgetown Utility Systems won’t call you and demand payments by phone, and it is strictly against policy for any customer service representative to accept payment in the field. If a bill payment is overdue, there is a three-step notification process:

  • First, late notices are mailed to customers with unpaid balances the day after the billing due date.
  • Second, an automated phone call is provided to the phone number on the account two weeks after the billing due date.
  • Third, a second automated phone call is provided to the phone number on the account three weeks after the billing due date.

If you have questions about a utility bill, call the Georgetown Utility Systems Customer Care Center at (512) 930-3640 or toll free 1-888-474-4904, before providing financial information regarding your utility account.  You can also click on the following link to find out the different ways to pay your bill.

Paying Your Bill

Penalty Waiver Application

A customer who is disabled, or who is 60 years of age or older, may request, in writing, a standing waiver of the late penalty, for utility payments made after the due date.

The customer’s disabled status must be verified by an Award Letter from the Social Security Administration.  This waiver applies only to the account holder or their spouse.

Penalty Waiver Application

Utility Customer Confidentiality Request

You can now request that personal information contained in our utility records not be released to unauthorized persons.

The Texas legislature enacted a bill allowing publicly-owned utilities to give their customers the option of making the customer’s address, telephone number, personal identification, and billing and usage information, confidential.

Complete the form below and return it to

City of Georgetown Utility Office
P.O. Box 1430
Georgetown, Texas 78627

Utility Customer Confidentiality Request



(effective 01/07/19)

(PCA effective 02/01/19)

  • Residential Sales Tax :: Inside City Limits: 2.00% of total electric charges; Outside City Limits: None
  • Commercial Sales Tax :: Inside City Limits: 8.25% of total electric charges; Outside City Limits: 6.25% of total electric charges
Customer Charge (per month)Demand Charge (per kW)Energy Charge (per kWh)Power Cost Adjustment (per kWh)Transmission Cost of Service (per kWh)Minimum Bill
Residential Service$24.80$0.0958$0.02375$0.00
Small General Service$50.00$0.0902$0.02375$0.00
School Service$200.00$0.1150$0.02375$0.00
Municipal Water &
Wastewater Pumping
Large General Service$175.00$11.00*$0.06543$0.02375$0.00$725.00
Large Industrial Service$510.00$19.25***$0.05317$0.02375$0.00$39,010.00
Municipal Service$132.00$0.0700$0.02375$0.00
  • *50 kW minimum, not less than $550.00/moth
  • ** 500 kW minimum, not less than $8,000.00/month
  • *** 2000 kW minimum, not less than $38,500.00/month
  • For more information on the Transmission Cost of Service, please check our FAQ’s
Lighting Service

High Pressure Sodium Lighting (HPL)

100 Watt HPL (35kWh)200 Watt HPL (71 kWh)250 Watt HPL (86 kWh)400 Watt HPL (137 kWh)
Security Lighting$8.50$14.50$16.70$23.50
Municipal Street Lighting$5.09$9.29$11.13$17.33
Retail Street Lighting$5.26$9.75$11.64$18.17

Base Rates
(effective 01/01/2014)

Customer Charge (per month)Inside CityOutside City
5/8 inch meter$15.50$18.50
3/4 inch meter$23.00$27.50
1 inch meter$38.50$46.00
1 1/2 inch meter$76.50$91.50
2 inch meter$153.50$183.50
3 inch meter$368.00$440.00
4 inch meter$644.00$770.00
6 inch meter$1,410.00$1,686.00
8 inch meter$2,450.00$2,929.50
Residential Water Rates (effective 01/01/19)*Cost is per 1,000 gallons
(1,000 gallons)Volumetric Rate
61 and above$8.50
Non-Residential Volumetric Water Rates (effective 01/01/19)*Cost is per 1,000 gallons
Meter SizeTier 1 RateTier 2 RateTier 2 Threshold
Small Commercial<2″$2.40$6.50300,001 gallons
Large Commercial2″$2.40$6.50600,001 gallons
Large Commercial3″$2.40$6.50900,001 gallons
Large Commercial4″$2.40$6.504,000,001 gallons
Large Commercial6″$2.40$6.506,000,001 gallons
Large Commercial8″$2.40$6.508,000,001 gallons
Municipal Interruptible$2.40
Evaporative Cooling$2.40
Fire Flow$2.40
Irrigation Only$4.00$8.50500,001 gallons
Wastewater Rate Schedule (effective October 1st, 2019)
Customer Charge Inside
(per month)
Volumetric Chg
(per 1000 gals)
Customer Charge Out
(per month)
Volumetric Chg
(per 1000 gals)
Residential Service
Single family /
Domestic use only
Small Commercial Service
4″ sewer line /
3/4″ wtr mtr /
10 fixtures or less /
must be requested in writing
Commercial Service
6″ or smaller sewer line
Large Commercial Service
8″ or larger sewer line
High Strength Commercial
BOD over 250 / food
processing or high level of oil
or chemicals in the discharge
Multi-Family Service
Residential housing with three or more individual dwelling units per water meter
*Residential low-income discount of 20% is available to customers who can provide us with verifiable proof of participation in the Medicaid Program by a permanent resident in the household.

Garbage Rates

(Commercial Billing after 11/01/2017, Residential Billing after 11/01/2017)

All customers inside City limits must pay garbage. All customers outside City limits who receive City utilities and live on a City garbage route may select City garbage pickup.

Sales Tax on Garbage Service:Residential and Commercial
Inside City Limits: 8.25%
Outside City Limits: 6.25%
Residential Rate:Inside City Limits – $18.80 (with recycling)
Outside City Limits – $26.40 (cart only)
Non-Residential Rate:Varies – Rates will be set by type, amount and frequency of service.
Stormwater Drainage Fees (effective 10/01/15)

(effective 10/01/15)
Residential Inside City Limits: $6.50 per month

Non-Residential Inside City Limits: $6.50 per unit (2,808 sq ft)

All residential customers within the city limits must pay a monthly charge of $6.50. Non-residential customers within the city limits must pay $6.50 per unit (2,808 square feet) which is calculated on the total square footage of impervious cover on the property.

Utility Deposit Requirements and Service Charges
  • Residential Deposit – $150.00
  • Non-Residential Deposit – Double the average bill for that address (Minimum deposit amount is $150.00)
  • Meter Tampering Fee – $300.00 per incident
  • Payment Plan Administration Fee – $20.00 (plus down payment of 20%)
  • Late Payment – 10%
  • Returned Item Charge – $30.00
  • Trip Charge for Delinquent Bill or Insufficient Check – $30.00
  • After Hours Reconnect Fee – $50.00
  • Same Day Reconnect Fee for a Delinquent Account that is Cut-Off – $50.00
  • Temporary Service (5 days) – $60.00
  • New or Transfer Account Charge – $30.00 + $50.00 during non-business hours or same day connections
  • Meter Test – At Cost
  • Credit Cards : Discover, Visa, and MasterCard Accepted