Electric Water Heater Rebate


Georgetown Utility Systems (GUS) is committed to helping our customers save money on their electric bill. If your conventional electric water heater was purchased prior to 2015, it may not be as efficient as it could be since national standards have changed. GUS electric customers choosing to replace their old conventional electric water heater with a new electric model having an energy factor (EF) rating of .95 or higher will be eligible for a $100.00 rebate.

Looking for an upgrade? Replace that old conventional electric model with a new electric heat pump (hybrid) unit with an (EF) rating of 2.0 or higher for a $500.00 rebate.


To be eligible for an electric water heater rebate, you must be a GUS electric customer and owner of the property where the new unit will be installed.

Installation Requirements

Licensed Contractor/Plumber Installation

Water heater replacement for GUS electric and water customers within the Georgetown city limits requires a permit prior to installation and an inspection afterwards.  If a licensed contractor/plumber is performing the installation, they must be registered with the GUS permitting department prior to beginning work.  The contractor/plumber will apply for the permit and schedule the inspection.

DIY Installation

If you are replacing your water heater yourself, you still need a permit and follow-up inspection. You may apply for the permit and schedule the inspection here:  www.mygovernmentonline.org.  Click on Permits & Licensing and follow the instructions.  Remember to log back on to schedule your inspection once installation has been completed.

Whether you install your new electric water heater yourself or hire a licensed contractor/plumber, the following requirement MUST be met:

  1. A city permit must be obtained prior to installation (see special permitting exceptions below). You may apply for your permit here: mygovernmentonline.org
  2. The new water heater must be installed to meet all city codes.
  3. The new water heater must be permanently installed in the home.
  4. The new water heater must be inspected by a GUS building inspector once installation is complete. You may schedule your inspection here: mygovernmentonline.org
  5. The new water heater must be electric. Gas appliances do not qualify.

Special Permitting Exceptions

GUS electric customers living outside the city limits may or may not be required to obtain a permit and follow-up inspection depending on several factors.  If you live outside the city limits and are considering applying for a rebate, please call our customer care unit first to determine if a permit and inspection is required for your address.

You can reach our Customer Care department at (512) 930-3640.


Applying for a Rebate

Applications for the rebate must be accompanied by a copy of the invoice (if using a licensed contractor/plumber) or a copy of your receipt from the place of purchase.

Fill in all boxes on the rebate form. Incomplete applications may delay your rebate or cause it to be denied.

There are four ways to submit your application for rebate:

1. Print and submit the paper form with invoice or receipt in person at the Georgetown Municipal Complex located at 300-1 Industrial Blvd., Georgetown, TX 78627.  The rebate form can be downloaded here.

2. By mail:

Georgetown Utility Systems
Attn: Energy Coordinator
P.O. Box 409
Georgetown, TX 78627

3. Scan and email form and invoice or receipt to customercare@georgetown.org

4. Submit your application by using the online form found here:  http://records.georgetown.org/Forms/WHRebate. You will be  required to attach a copy of your invoice or receipt.

Things to remember when applying for a rebate:

You must submit your rebate application within 30 days after the follow-up inspection. You will need the following information to complete the application:

  1. GUS Customer Account Number
  2. Type of water heater (conventional or hybrid)
  3. Name of the manufacturer of the new water heater
  4. Model number of the new water heater
  5. Serial number of the new water heater
  6. Energy factor (EF) of the new water heater
  7. Size (gallons) of the new water heater
  8. Receipt/Contractor Invoice

LED Light Exchange Program

led-bulbsIf you are a Georgetown Utility Systems (GUS) electric customer, we would like to invite you to try LED light bulbs for free!  Through the LED Exchange Program, GUS electric customers can trade-in 4 incandescent or 4 CFLs for 4 LED lights (10w) up to four times per calendar year at the Georgetown Municipal Complex (GMC).

Just stop by the GMC building to receive your free LED light bulbs.  There is a short request form you will need fill out when you get there, or if you would like to fill it out at home and bring it in, you can download it here. Remember to bring your old bulbs with you for proper recycling.

The Georgetown Municipal Complex is located at 300-1 Industrial and is open 8 AM – 5 PM, Monday through Friday except for scheduled holidays.



(effective 06/01/17)

  • Residential Sales Tax :: Inside City Limits: 2.00% of total electric charges; Outside City Limits: None
  • Commercial Sales Tax :: Inside City Limits: 8.25% of total electric charges; Outside City Limits: 6.25% of total electric charges
Customer Charge (per month) Demand Charge (per kW) Energy Charge (per kWh) Power Cost Adjustment (per kWh) Transmission Cost of Service (per kWh) Minimum Bill
Residential Service $20.00 $0.0939 $0.004 $0.0019
Small General Service $45.00 $0.0883 $0.004 $0.0019
School Service $175.00 $0.1131 $0.004 $0.0019
Municipal Water &
Wastewater Pumping
$165.00 $0.0516 $0.004 $0.0019
Large General Service $20.00 $8.45* $0.0713 $0.004 $0.0019 $442.50
Industrial $250.00 $10.00** $0.0644 $0.004 $0.0019 $5,250.00
Large Industrial Service $350.00 $7.50*** $0.0661 $0.004 $0.0019 $15,350.00
Municipal Service $125.00 $0.0606 $0.004 $0.0019 $125.00
  • *50 kW minimum, not less than $422.50/moth
  • ** 500 kW minimum, not less than $5,000.00/month
  • *** 2000 kW minimum, not less than $15,000.00/month
  • For more information on the Transmission Cost of Service, please check our FAQ’s
Lighting Service

High Pressure Sodium Lighting (HPL)

Customer Charge (per month) Demand Charge (per kW) Energy Charge (per kWh) Power Cost Adjustment (per kWh) Transmission Cost of Service (per kWh) Minimum Bill
Residential Service $20.00 $0.0939 $0.0001 $0.0019
Small General Service $45.00 $0.0883 $0.0001 $0.0019
School Service $175.00 $0.1131 $0.0001 $0.0019
Municipal Water &
Wastewater Pumping
$165.00 $0.0516 $0.0001 $0.0019
Large General Service $20.00 $8.45* $0.0713 $0.0001 $0.0019 $442.50
Industrial $250.00 $10.00** $0.0644 $0.0001 $0.0019 $5,250.00
Large Industrial Service $350.00 $7.50*** $0.0661 $0.0001 $0.0019 $15,350.00
Municipal Service $125.00 $0.0606 $0.0001 $0.0019 $125.00
Wind Power Energy Rate $1.50/block block =100kWh****

Base Rates
(effective 01/01/2014)

Customer Charge (per month) Inside City Outside City
5/8 inch meter $15.50 $18.50
3/4 inch meter $23.00 $27.50
1 inch meter $38.50 $46.00
1 1/2 inch meter $76.50 $91.50
2 inch meter $122.50 $146.50
3 inch meter $245.50 $293.50
4 inch meter $383.50 $458.50
6 inch meter $766.50 $916.50
8 inch meter $1,226.50 $1,466.50
Residential Water Rates (effective 01/01/14)*Cost is per 1,000 gallons
(1,000 gallons) Volumetric Rate
0-10 $1.75
11-20 $2.40
21-40 $4.00
41-60 $6.50
61 and above $8.50

Nonresidential Water Rates
(effective 01/01/14)

Cost per thousand gallons $2.40
Irrigation Meter, cost per thousand gallons $4.00
Wastewater Rate Schedule (effective October 1st, 2016)
Customer Charge Inside
(per month)
Volumetric Chg
(per 1000 gals)
Customer Charge Out
(per month)
Volumetric Chg
(per 1000 gals)
Residential Service
Single family /
Domestic use only
$30.65* N/A $35.20* N/A
Small Commercial Service
4″ sewer line /
3/4″ wtr mtr /
10 fixtures or less /
must be requested in writing
$30.65 N/A $35.20 N/A
Commercial Service
6″ or smaller sewer line
$46.35 $2.35 $53.30 $2.70
Large Commercial Service
8″ or larger sewer line
$82.30 $2.35 $94.65 $2.70
High Strength Commercial
BOD over 250 / food
processing or high level of oil
or chemicals in the discharge
$46.35 $3.70 $53.30 $4.30
Multi-Family Service
Residential housing with three or more individual dwelling units per water meter
$110.10 $2.35 $126.60 $2.70
*Residential low-income discount of 20% is available to customers who can provide us with verifiable proof of participation in the Medicaid Program by a permanent resident in the household.

Garbage Rates

(Commercial Billing after 11/01/2017, Residential Billing after 11/01/2017)

All customers inside City limits must pay garbage. All customers outside City limits who receive City utilities and live on a City garbage route may select City garbage pickup.

Sales Tax on Garbage Service: Residential and Commercial
Inside City Limits: 8.25%
Outside City Limits: 6.25%
Residential Rate: Inside City Limits – $18.80 (with recycling)
Outside City Limits – $26.40 (cart only)
Non-Residential Rate: Varies – Rates will be set by type, amount and frequency of service.
Stormwater Drainage Fees (effective 10/01/15)

(effective 10/01/15)
Residential Inside City Limits: $6.50 per month

Non-Residential Inside City Limits: $6.50 per unit (2,808 sq ft)

All residential customers within the city limits must pay a monthly charge of $6.50. Non-residential customers within the city limits must pay $6.50 per unit (2,808 square feet) which is calculated on the total square footage of impervious cover on the property.

Utility Deposit Requirements and Service Charges
  • Residential Deposit – $150.00
  • Non-Residential Deposit – Double the average bill for that address (Minimum deposit amount is $150.00)
  • Meter Tampering Fee – $300.00 per incident
  • Payment Plan Administration Fee – $20.00 (plus down payment of 20%)
  • Late Payment – 10%
  • Returned Item Charge – $30.00
  • Trip Charge for Delinquent Bill or Insufficient Check – $30.00
  • After Hours Reconnect Fee – $50.00
  • Same Day Reconnect Fee for a Delinquent Account that is Cut-Off – $50.00
  • Temporary Service (5 days) – $60.00
  • New or Transfer Account Charge – $30.00 + $50.00 during non-business hours or same day connections
  • Meter Test – At Cost
  • Credit Cards : Discover, Visa, and MasterCard Accepted

FAQ Solar Process

Are you thinking of going solar?

It is a big investment, So be prepared to do your research!

Start with a process of education and understanding before you make the move to sign a solar contract. Knowing the process ensure that you sign a contract that is right for you.

Start by understanding your current monthly energy needs and how it may change in the future. Consider how much you would like to offset with solar. Also, network and seek advice from family, friends and neighbors who have experience with going solar. Armed with information, you can now evaluate if solar is right for you and how much solar energy you will need.

Once you have decided to go solar there are several things that need to take place.

1. Obtain Your Energy Use

Signing up for GUARD through Georgetown Utility Systems will help you learn about energy management and consumption. GUARD is your online source to obtain your last 12 months of energy use. Equipped with your account number log on and answer the questions. When moving forward, the actual annual energy production in kWh (kilowatt hours) is the maximum amount of energy production allowed for a solar system on your home. Smaller solar systems may be of any size you choose.

2. Energy Efficiency

Creating energy efficiency inside the home is also an important step before going solar. Reducing your energy needs is typically more cost effective than going solar; and reducing your energy use also means you can install a smaller, less costly solar system.

3. Consider Your Purchasing Options

This is a big decision – evaluate your options carefully. Will you own the solar system or lease the solar system. They all have different financial impacts on your bottom line.

4. Hiring the Solar Contractor

Qualified contractors are your key to getting the most productive solar energy system for your home or business, talk to three (3) or more contractors before making a decision! Contractors will evaluate factors that affect your PV system performance such as the roof size, orientation of the system, shading and other factors. Typically, the contractor will complete the paperwork and apply the City of Georgetown Permit and Solar Interconnection package on your behalf. The contractor will work with you until the utility provides approval for you to turn the system on.

5. City of Georgetown Permit Requirement

All solar systems that are installed to offset energy use in your home or business are “grid-tied” and must receive a City of Georgetown permit and final permit approval before the system may be turned on. The contractor usually takes care of this for you. This is one of two approvals that are required before you obtain Permission to Operate.

6. Interconnection Requirements

In addition to the permit, all solar systems that are installed to offset energy use in your home or business are grid-tied and must have a Georgetown Solar Interconnection approval inspection before the system may be turned on. The contractor usually takes care of this for you. This is the second of the two approvals that are required before you obtain permission to operate.



Proper heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (known in the trade as HVAC) are key to maintaining a comfortable, healthy and productive work environment. Collectively, these systems account for approximately 40% of the electricity used in commercial buildings. Improved heating and cooling performance along with substantial energy savings can be achieved by implementing energy-efficiency measures.

Whether you wish to improve the efficiency of your existing heating and cooling systems or are considering upgrading to a new system, the information on this page will help you to make informed decisions!