Electric Water Heater Rebate


Georgetown Utility Systems (GUS) is committed to helping our customers save money on their electric bill. If your conventional electric water heater was purchased prior to 2015, it may not be as efficient as it could be since national standards have changed. GUS electric customers choosing to replace their old conventional electric water heater with a new electric model having an energy factor (EF) rating of .95 or higher will be eligible for a $100.00 rebate.

Looking for an upgrade? Replace that old conventional electric model with a new electric heat pump (hybrid) unit with an (EF) rating of 2.0 or higher for a $500.00 rebate.


To be eligible for an electric water heater rebate, you must be a GUS electric customer and owner of the property where the new unit will be installed.

Installation Requirements

Licensed Contractor/Plumber Installation

Water heater replacement for GUS electric and water customers within the Georgetown city limits requires a permit prior to installation and an inspection afterwards.  If a licensed contractor/plumber is performing the installation, they must be registered with the GUS permitting department prior to beginning work.  The contractor/plumber will apply for the permit and schedule the inspection.

DIY Installation

If you are replacing your water heater yourself, you still need a permit and follow-up inspection. You may apply for the permit and schedule the inspection here:  www.mygovernmentonline.org.  Click on Permits & Licensing and follow the instructions.  Remember to log back on to schedule your inspection once installation has been completed.

Whether you install your new electric water heater yourself or hire a licensed contractor/plumber, the following requirement MUST be met:

  1. A city permit must be obtained prior to installation (see special permitting exceptions below). You may apply for your permit here: mygovernmentonline.org
  2. The new water heater must be installed to meet all city codes.
  3. The new water heater must be permanently installed in the home.
  4. The new water heater must be inspected by a GUS building inspector once installation is complete. You may schedule your inspection here: mygovernmentonline.org
  5. The new water heater must be electric. Gas appliances do not qualify.

Special Permitting Exceptions

GUS electric customers living outside the city limits may or may not be required to obtain a permit and follow-up inspection depending on several factors.  If you live outside the city limits and are considering applying for a rebate, please call our customer care unit first to determine if a permit and inspection is required for your address.

You can reach our Customer Care department at (512) 930-3640.


Applying for a Rebate

Applications for the rebate must be accompanied by a copy of the invoice (if using a licensed contractor/plumber) or a copy of your receipt from the place of purchase.

Fill in all boxes on the rebate form. Incomplete applications may delay your rebate or cause it to be denied.

There are four ways to submit your application for rebate:

1. Print and submit the paper form with invoice or receipt in person at the Georgetown Municipal Complex located at 300-1 Industrial Blvd., Georgetown, TX 78627.  The rebate form can be downloaded here.

2. By mail:

Georgetown Utility Systems
Attn: Energy Coordinator
P.O. Box 409
Georgetown, TX 78627

3. Scan and email form and invoice or receipt to customercare@georgetown.org

4. Submit your application by using the online form found here:  http://records.georgetown.org/Forms/WHRebate. You will be  required to attach a copy of your invoice or receipt.

Things to remember when applying for a rebate:

You must submit your rebate application within 30 days after the follow-up inspection. You will need the following information to complete the application:

  1. GUS Customer Account Number
  2. Type of water heater (conventional or hybrid)
  3. Name of the manufacturer of the new water heater
  4. Model number of the new water heater
  5. Serial number of the new water heater
  6. Energy factor (EF) of the new water heater
  7. Size (gallons) of the new water heater
  8. Receipt/Contractor Invoice