A permit is required any time you want to add to your existing driveway, change or alter the approach. The approach is the portion of the driveway located at the street that crosses the utility easement, usually the first 10 feet of your driveway.

Please apply online for a driveway permit at with the following information merged into a single PDF file:

  • A plot plan complete with all structures, building lines, and public utility (PUE) and drainage easements (DE) shown
  • An indication on the plot plan of what the proposed changes or additions are
  • A drawing or “detail” of steel reinforcement
  • A copy of the Approach Construction Requirements can be obtained in the Inspection Services Department.

Required Inspections:

The following inspections must be performed:

  1. Pre-pour Inspection – This inspection must be done before concrete is poured at the site, to ensure all Approach Construction Requirements are met.
  2. Final Inspection – This inspection verifies that the project has been completed properly.

All driveways must comply with the City of Georgetown Subdivision Regulations with regard to the number and location of curb cuts on various street designations and the location of drives within building setback areas. In some instances driveways may not be allowed as proposed.