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Streetlight Outage Reporting


Check for Streetlight Outage
To report an outage, please view the Streetlight Outage Map and confirm if an outage has already been reported. If the outage has been reported, the City is aware of the problem and a service order has been issued to fix the light.
Steps to Report a Streetlight Outage
  1. Search for the light in question on the map and select. You can find this by either searching for the streetlight number placed on the streetlight itself or by selecting the light at the address of the light within the map.
  2. Fill out the outage form provided to identify the issue.
  3. Submit the report. Please allow for up to 5 minutes after submission for your streetlight to show as reported and for the light to change color.
When will repair take place?

Once the report has been submitted, a work order will be created and City staff will address the problem and update the map upon completion. All reported outages are to be resolved within 14 days of the report.

Who is reponsible for repairing the streetlight?

If the outage is reported within the red outlined area that indicates the City of Georgetown Electric service area, all outages will be resolved by the utility independently. If the outage is reported outside of the area, but within City limits, the electric utility will assess the outage and repair if the outage pertains to a light or equipment failure. However, if the outage is due to a power related issue, the electric utility will communicate the outage to the appropriate electric provider for the power to be restored.

If you have issues with submitting the outage, please contact Customer Care at 512-930-3640.

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