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Safe Place

Logo-ASafePlaceOne of the many places in Georgetown where youth can find support is on their city streets. When the youth of Georgetown need a caring adult to help them out of a sticky situation, they don’t have to look far for a safe place – the nearest utility truck may be just around the corner. In Georgetown, Texas the utility workers know how to help a youth in crisis, thanks to A Safe Place Community Campaign.

Georgetown Utility System employees visit the schools to talk with students about the program, their equipment, trucks, and the logo’s displayed on the trucks and offices, created by two local middle school students. The employees agreed to visit the schools on a yearly basis to remind students about the project and encourage them to use the service.

“The kids love us,” says Jim Briggs, Assistant City Manager of Georgetown Utility Systems. “When they see us in their neighborhoods they come up to us and say “Hey I know you, you’re part of the Safe Place program.'” To ensure the integrity of the program, all employees who participant in the program go through background checks and at least two hours of training on how to deal with youth in crisis situations. “The employees love working with the kids,” Briggs says. “Putting something back into the community is what it’s all about.” For other questions regarding the “A Safe Place” Program please contact Georgetown Customer Care at (512) 930-3640.