Water Treatment Plant Projects

To address the demands of population growth in our water service area, the City of Georgetown is building a new water treatment plant on the south shore of Lake Georgetown. The City is also expanding the North Lake Water Treatment Plant to increase treatment capacity.

South Lake Water Treatment Plant

The City of Georgetown broke ground on the South Lake Water Treatment Plant on May 10, 2022. The new plant will double the treatment capacity of the water utility with planned construction completion in two phases from 2025-2026. The new plant will be located on the south side of Lake Georgetown, near Cedar Breaks Park.

The new treatment plant is needed to continue to meet the water demands of a growing community and has been part of the Water Master Plan for decades.

“With more than 5,000 new residents coming to Georgetown last year, the demand for water continues to increase rapidly,” Mayor Josh Schroeder said. “As a result, the City Council voted to accelerate the schedule for this new water treatment plant. In doubling the treatment capacity of our water utility with this plant, we will be ready to serve the water needs of our growing city.”

After a competitive bid process, PLW Waterworks was awarded the construction contract for the plant, which will have a capacity of producing 44 million gallons per day of treated water. CDM Smith is the design engineer for the new plant.

The contract cost is $175.3 million, which will be funded by water utility revenues. Impact fees paid by developers of new homes, as well as utility revenues from water bills, will fund the 30-year revenue bonds for the new plant.

The project includes the water treatment facility as well as a raw water intake on Lake Georgetown and a raw water transmission line. Other elements of the project include an administration building that houses a secondary control center, process control labs, and additional office and administration space.

The City purchased the land for the plant site about three years ago and began design for the facility about two years ago.

North Lake Water Treatment Plant

The $11.7 million expansion of the North Lake Water Treatment Plant will increase plant capacity by 30 percent to 37.4 million gallons per day. The project started in 2021 and should be complete in summer 2023.

Water conservation this summer will be especially important for Georgetown customers since this plant expansion will not come online until next summer.

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