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As a part of this community and a provider of essential services, we are determined to continue delivering the reliable utilities you need while helping to protect the health and safety of our employees, neighbors and everyone around us.

See the FAQ below about budget bill plans. We also encourage you to contact one of our community partners, listed below, as soon as possible to begin working on an assistance plan to stay current on your bills.

The Good Neighbor Fund

The City of Georgetown is proud to sponsor the Good Neighbor Fund, a program to assist eligible customers who are having difficulty paying their utility bills. This fund is administered by The Caring Place.

If you wish to contribute to the Good Neighbor Fund you can request participation through your online CSS portal account.

If you wish to apply for funding:

The Caring Place:

Hours: Monday – Friday, 9 A.M. – 4 P.M.
Phone: (512) 943-0700
Address: 2001 Railroad Ave., Georgetown, TX 78626

Financial and non-financial assitance can include:

  • Utility Bill Assistance
  • Food Pantry
  • Clothing & Household Items
  • Rent or Mortgage
  • Transportation
  • And more…

Opportunities for Williamson and Burnet Counties

Opportunities for Williamson and Burnet Counties administers the Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) which is designed to assist low-income households in meeting their energy needs. Customers are also given opportunities to learn how to control energy costs now and in the future.

Find more information about the Comprehensive Energy Assistance Programs or any of the other programs offered by Opportunities for Williamson and Burnet Counties  or call 512-255-2202.

The Society of St Vincent de Paul

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul provides emergency financial assistance to individuals and families suffering financial hardship. Please contact SVDP at 512-868-1964 and leave a message. A volunteer will contact you to determine need and to help make a plan to address that need.

Requests for utility assistance may be made on Monday or Wednesday 10 A.M. to noon.

This service is offered on a first come, first served basis, and not everyone is eligible. Please note that you may not be eligible for additional assistance if you have recently received assistance. Funding is limited.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army provides food for families and financial assistance to individuals whose budgets are stretched to breaking point to help pay rent or utilities as well as other community outreach programs. Please contact (512) 843-8421 to see how they can best respond to your needs.

Catholic Charities of Central Texas

Catholic Charities of Central Texas is pleased to assist Williamson County individuals and families who have difficulty in paying their utility bills. For the health and safety of our community, Catholic Charities will offer utility assistance remotely via email and phone. They will require a current copy of the utility bill (in your name) and photo ID. You can email requests to or call Catholic Charities at (512) 651-6100.

Habitat for Humanity

The Habitat for Humanity Williamson County Home Repair Program helps qualified homeowners make critical home repairs that reduce health or safety hazards or improve weatherization.

To find out more visit or call (512) 863-4344.

Utility Bill Penalty Waivers

A customer who is disabled, or who is 60 years of age or older, may request, a standing waiver of the late penalty, for utility payments made after the due date.

The customer’s disabled status must be verified by an Award Letter from the Social Security Administration. This waiver applied only to the account holder or their spouse.

Apply through your online CSS portal account.

Low Income Discount

The City of Georgetown offers a low-income discount for residential customers who provide proof of participation in the Medicaid Program by a permanent resident in the household. The discount is 30% off the water base rate, 30% off the electric base rate, and 20% off the wastewater rate per billing cycle.

FAQ: Budget Bill Plan

Unpredictable variations in the weather make it very hard to fit your utility bill into a budget. Utility bills may vary monthly according to your consumption.

To help our customer “even out” the highs and lows of their utility bill payments, the City of Georgetown is offering an optional payment program to our residential customers. We call our program the Budget Payment Plan (BPP).

How does the plan work?

The billing system will calculate an average which will be billed each month for 12 months. At the end of those 12 months there could be a credit or debit amount based upon the actual bill amounts versus what was paid. The difference will be amortized into a new average calculation and that will be the new budget amount for the following 12 months. The new plan does not change the rates that you pay or the amount of your consumption from month to month. It simply allows you to pay less in high usage months by paying more in low usage months.

What is a reserve balance?

The reserve balance is the difference between the actual charges that you incur and the averaged amounts that you pay. Depending on the fluctuations in your billings, it may sometimes be a debit or credit balance.

Will I pay the same amount each month?

Yes, until the 12th month then a “true up” calculation happens when a new average is implemented.

How will I know what I really used?

Your electric and water meters will still be read each month, with the actual consumption printed on the bills, as usual.

How do I know if I am eligible?

In order to qualify for the BPP, you must…

  • Be a residential customer
  • Have no disconnections for nonpayment, insufficient checks or more than 2 late payments in the last 12 months of history
  • Customers may be removed from the program if payments become late
How do I sign up?

You can request to participate in the Budget Payment Plan through your account in the CSS online portal.

How to Contact Us?
Customer Care:
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Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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