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About Your Utility

ElectricElectric Department

Do you need to contact us about a power outage?  Call (512) 930-3640 (Customer Care). The Energy Services Department is managed within Georgetown Utility Systems (GUS), by a Board of Directors that are appointed by City Council.  The Division consists of four separate sections; Energy Services, Electric Operations, Transmission &

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Top Things You Can Do to Conserve Electricity

Forms and Publications

ElectricElectric Forms

The purpose of an energy assessment is to analyze the energy use in a home. During the energy assessment, the Energy Coordinator will analyze electric consumption history and look for opportunities to reduce the amount of energy being used in order to help customers reduce their bills. The assessment takes

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Customer Care FormsElectric FormsWater Forms

A customer who is disabled, or who is 60 years of age or older, may request, in writing, a standing waiver of the late penalty, for utility payments made after the due date. The customer’s disabled status must be verified by an Award Letter from the Social Security Administration.  This

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Customer CareCustomer Care FormsElectric FormsWater Forms

You can now request that personal information contained in our utility records not be released to unauthorized persons. The Texas legislature enacted a bill allowing publicly-owned utilities to give their customers the option of making the customer’s address, telephone number, personal identification, and billing and usage information, confidential. Complete the

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