Georgetown Utility Systems is responsible to maintain positive working relationships with outside organizations including the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (formerly the Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission) and the Texas Department of Transportation. The Division also coordinates contracts with the private sector. This Division also oversees and coordinates the “Safe Place” children’s program.

Operational funding for this division comes from the General Fund (Streets), Joint Services Fund (Administration), Stormwater Drainage Fund, Electric Fund and Water Services Fund.

Electric Systems

Electric Systems distributes power to Georgetown Utility Systems’ homes and businesses. Our service territory covers 41.71 square miles and has approximately 176 miles of overhead and 87 miles of underground electric lines. To service our community’s estimated population of 28,328 we use 14,969 electric meters, 4834 distribution transformers and five substations.

Water Services

The Water Services Utility provides water, wastewater, and reuse irrigation service to its customers in and around the Georgetown area. The utility is a stand-alone enterprise that derives its revenue solely from its service rates and tap fees, without any support from city taxes. As the sole owner of the utility, the City receives dividends in the form of a franchise fee. These utility dividends provide income to the City’s general fund that would otherwise have to be replaced by additional tax revenue. The efficient operation of the Water Services Utility helps keep Georgetown property taxes low.

Transportation Services

The Transportation Services Division manages, maintains and repairs the Georgetown Municipal Airport, city streets and rights-of-way, and the public storm water conveyance system. Responsibilities include traffic control, emergency response operations, special events, and assistance in code enforcement. Daily, the Streets Department inspects roadways for sign repair, pavement management, and sight obstructions. The Georgetown Municipal Airport operates following guidelines provided by the Texas Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration.  The Transportation Services Division participates with the Safety Committee to provide safety-training workshops.

GUS Administration

The Georgetown Utility Systems (GUS) Administration Department manages financial operations and personnel services for all departments in the division. The Department provides administrative support, including customer relations, reception, record keeping, and secretarial services, to all departments within the division. Long-term system planning is coordinated by this department. Administration is responsible for coordination and operation of Utilities during Emergency Management situations.

Systems Engineering

The Systems Engineering Department is responsible for the coordination and installation of Capital Improvement Projects (CIP’s) using consultant design engineering firms; assists in negotiations for the acquisition of easements and rights-of-way; provides inspection, testing services and contract management for these projects. This department manages and maintains utility system models for departments within the Georgetown Utility Systems Division, including: Water, Electric, Stormwater Drainage, Streets and Wastewater. The Department develops and maintains construction standards and specifications for CIP and Development construction projects. Systems Engineering supports the review of Development plans and provides inspection, testing and contract management for the installation of these facilities.

Chisholm Trail Regionalization Feasibility Study

A consolidation study commissioned through Interlocal Agreements between the City Council and the CTSUD Board of Directors in February 2012, engaging three consultant firms for performing an evaluation of the request.  The results of the study are contained within this Final Report document “City of Georgetown & Chisholm Trail Special Utility District Consolidation Feasibility Study”.  Read more…

Public Notices

The City of Georgetown, 300 Industrial Avenue #1, Georgetown Texas 78626 has applied to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to renew Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems (TPDES) Permit No. WQ0010489006 (EPA I.D. No. TX0119172) to authorize the discharge of treated wastewater at a volume not the exceed an annual average flow of 400,000 gallons per day … BerryCreek WWTP Permit Renew

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