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Georgetown Utility Systems

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(effective 01/07/19)

(PCA effective 02/01/19)

  • Residential Sales Tax :: Inside City Limits: 2.00% of total electric charges; Outside City Limits: None
  • Commercial Sales Tax :: Inside City Limits: 8.25% of total electric charges; Outside City Limits: 6.25% of total electric charges
Customer Charge (per month)Demand Charge (per kW)Energy Charge (per kWh)Power Cost Adjustment (per kWh)Transmission Cost of Service (per kWh)Minimum Bill
Residential Service$24.80$0.0958$0.02375$0.00
Small General Service$50.00$0.0902$0.02375$0.00
School Service$200.00$0.1150$0.02375$0.00
Municipal Water &
Wastewater Pumping
Large General Service$175.00$11.00*$0.06543$0.02375$0.00$725.00
Large Industrial Service$510.00$19.25***$0.05317$0.02375$0.00$39,010.00
Municipal Service$132.00$0.0700$0.02375$0.00
  • *50 kW minimum, not less than $550.00/moth
  • ** 500 kW minimum, not less than $8,000.00/month
  • *** 2000 kW minimum, not less than $38,500.00/month
  • For more information on the Transmission Cost of Service, please check our FAQ’s
Lighting Service

High Pressure Sodium Lighting (HPL)

100 Watt HPL (35kWh)200 Watt HPL (71 kWh)250 Watt HPL (86 kWh)400 Watt HPL (137 kWh)
Security Lighting$8.50$14.50$16.70$23.50
Municipal Street Lighting$5.09$9.29$11.13$17.33
Retail Street Lighting$5.26$9.75$11.64$18.17

Base Rates
(effective 01/01/2014)

Customer Charge (per month)Inside CityOutside City
5/8 inch meter$15.50$18.50
3/4 inch meter$23.00$27.50
1 inch meter$38.50$46.00
1 1/2 inch meter$76.50$91.50
2 inch meter$153.50$183.50
3 inch meter$368.00$440.00
4 inch meter$644.00$770.00
6 inch meter$1,410.00$1,686.00
8 inch meter$2,450.00$2,929.50
Residential Water Rates (effective 01/01/19)*Cost is per 1,000 gallons
(1,000 gallons)Volumetric Rate
61 and above$8.50
Non-Residential Volumetric Water Rates (effective 01/01/19)*Cost is per 1,000 gallons
Meter SizeTier 1 RateTier 2 RateTier 2 Threshold
Small Commercial<2″$2.40$6.50300,001 gallons
Large Commercial2″$2.40$6.50600,001 gallons
Large Commercial3″$2.40$6.50900,001 gallons
Large Commercial4″$2.40$6.504,000,001 gallons
Large Commercial6″$2.40$6.506,000,001 gallons
Large Commercial8″$2.40$6.508,000,001 gallons
Municipal Interruptible$2.40
Evaporative Cooling$2.40
Fire Flow$2.40
Irrigation Only$4.00$8.50500,001 gallons
Wastewater Rate Schedule (effective October 1st, 2019)
Customer Charge Inside
(per month)
Volumetric Chg
(per 1000 gals)
Customer Charge Out
(per month)
Volumetric Chg
(per 1000 gals)
Residential Service
Single family /
Domestic use only
Small Commercial Service
4″ sewer line /
3/4″ wtr mtr /
10 fixtures or less /
must be requested in writing
Commercial Service
6″ or smaller sewer line
Large Commercial Service
8″ or larger sewer line
High Strength Commercial
BOD over 250 / food
processing or high level of oil
or chemicals in the discharge
Multi-Family Service
Residential housing with three or more individual dwelling units per water meter
*Residential low-income discount of 20% is available to customers who can provide us with verifiable proof of participation in the Medicaid Program by a permanent resident in the household.

Garbage Rates

(Commercial Billing after 11/01/2019, Residential Billing after 11/01/2019)

All customers inside City limits must pay garbage. All customers outside City limits who receive City utilities and live on a City garbage route may select City garbage pickup.

Sales Tax on Garbage Service:Residential and Commercial
Inside City Limits: 8.25%
Outside City Limits: 6.25%
Residential Rate:Inside City Limits – $19.55 (with recycling)
Outside City Limits – $27.46 (cart only)
Non-Residential Rate:Varies – Rates will be set by type, amount and frequency of service.
Stormwater Drainage Fees (effective 10/01/15)

(effective 10/01/15)
Residential Inside City Limits: $6.50 per month

Non-Residential Inside City Limits: $6.50 per unit (2,808 sq ft)

All residential customers within the city limits must pay a monthly charge of $6.50. Non-residential customers within the city limits must pay $6.50 per unit (2,808 square feet) which is calculated on the total square footage of impervious cover on the property.

Utility Deposit Requirements and Service Charges
  • Residential Deposit – $150.00
  • Non-Residential Deposit – Double the average bill for that address (Minimum deposit amount is $150.00)
  • Meter Tampering Fee – $300.00 per incident
  • Payment Plan Administration Fee – $20.00 (plus down payment of 20%)
  • Late Payment – 10%
  • Returned Item Charge – $30.00
  • Trip Charge for Delinquent Bill or Insufficient Check – $30.00
  • After Hours Reconnect Fee – $50.00
  • Same Day Reconnect Fee for a Delinquent Account that is Cut-Off – $50.00
  • Temporary Service (5 days) – $60.00
  • New or Transfer Account Charge – $30.00 + $50.00 during non-business hours or same day connections
  • Meter Test – At Cost
  • Credit Cards : Discover, Visa, and MasterCard Accepted