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1. Determine your Location within City of Georgetown Electric Service Boundary
  • Visit the City service boundary map to see our service boundary and confirm that the City of Georgetown Electric Utility will be the electric provider for your project address
  • If you are just outside the City of Georgetown Electric boundary but would still like to be served by City Utility, you can request a letter from the provider in your area stating that they allow the City of Georgetown Electric Utility to serve your project.
2. Create an Account on MyPermitNow and Submit a Line Extension Application
3. Electric Utility designs your Service and sends you a Design and Cost Estimate
  • Before design begins, the City will schedule a pre-design conference or on-site meeting for your proposed project to ensure all expectations have been met
  • The City of Georgetown receives a high volume of applications and designs are completed in the order they are received. This and a number of other factors (project size, complexity, third party requirements) determines the time it takes to complete any given design.
  • Your project may require online or in person meetings with City of Georgetown Electric Design department during the design process.
      • Upon receiving the preliminary design and cost estimate for the project, you will have 90 days to fully pay the invoiced amount. Upon payment of 50% of the invoice, the Letter of Serviceability is released to the applicant. If the invoice is NOT paid within 90 days, then the labor and material cost will be revised.
      • The cost estimate is subject to revision after the initial estimate has been sent and will require additional payment before further action is taken. 
4. Pay Invoice for Utility Material and Labor
  • Upon providing approval and 100% of the outstanding payment for your project, materials for the project will be ordered.
      • Once materials are available and civil infrastructure construction is completed, and the recorded easement of the primary electric route and equipment location is delivered to the City of Georgetown Electric Department to be placed on file with your project; you will be placed into a scheduling queue.
      • The construction timeline will depend on the availability of lineman crews, materials, and required civil work.
  • Some materials may have prolonged lead times (6 months or more). It is City’s policy to collect 100% of the invoiced payment of the project cost before acquiring materials.
5. Complete Site Civil Construction and Pass Inspection
  • Your project likely involves some amount of civil work to be completed before the electric infrastructure can be installed. This is the infrastructure that needs to be in place and inspected before electric infrastructure can be installed by the utility.
  • Provide the utility with your schedule for civil work construction.
  • In order for electric infrastructure construction to begin, you will also need a recorded easement to allow the Utility to proceed with construction. Here is a guide for dedicating an easement. You can also find the easement request form here. For further information about easement information contact
  • Equipment such as transformer pads, pedestal pads, trenching, and conduit will need to pass inspection by the electric project coordinators before the Electric Utility begins installation. The electric construction specifications for City of Georgetown can be found here.
  • City of Georgetown Electric jurisdiction ends at the point of service (to be determined per design) and will only inspect up to that point. Building Inspections and Permitting Department will inspect the customer side of the point of service for your project.
  • You can request an Electric Inspection here within your existing building permit.
6. Electric Utility Installs Infrastructure
  • Once material, Civil Infrastructure, recorded easement, and meter connect work orders are completed; you will be placed in a construction scheduling queue. Your exact project timeline depends on its complexity, size, and availability of lineman crews and 3rd party contractors.
  • Before construction begins, there will be pre-construction conference to ensure expectations of construction is met by both parties.
  • The Electric Design Team will contact you and/or your contractor throughout the process to help coordinate the construction on behalf of the City.
7.Install Meter Loop and pass Permanent Power Inspection
  • This step may be taken care of before or after the Electric Utility begins construction.
  • Once your electrician installs a temporary power meter loop and/or all permanent metering equipment according to City of Georgetown “Approved for Construction” design has been performed, a Temporary/Permanent Power inspection can be requested here through permitting/ building inspections on My Permit Now (MPN).
8. Meter Install and Service Connected
  •  After passing the Permanent Power inspection, a work order will be created and scheduled within 7-10 business days for the Electric Utility to install your meter and connect your service.


If you have any questions concerning your project or line extension application, please contact

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