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Interconnection and Installation

Steps for Interconnection

Pre-Application Steps

Consider if Interconnection is Right for You
  1. Consider all the costs that are associated with installation and interconnection.
  2. Review the requirements that are detailed by the City in the DER Interconnection and Installation Policy.
  3. Review the potential savings based on your system in the Net Metering Policy.
  4. Review the FAQ’s below and in the Net Energy Metering section
Choose an Installer

There are many installers in the area. Please shop around to see which installer is right for you.

Confer with Installer
  1. Discuss with your installer what is the best installation for you
  2. Discuss with your installer what the appropriate steps and costs will need to take place to an install the proposed DER.
  3. Ensure the installer is familiar with the City’s interconnection process. Ensure you and the installer understand the financial benefits that the City’s Net Energy Metering program offers.

Installer Interconnection Steps

1. Application Submission
  • Once a customer has decided to install a DER and has a chosen an installer, the installer must then register as an installer on the Interconnection Portal.
  • Once the installer is certified in the Portal, the installer must then submit the application along with the DER specifications, drawings, pictures, and application fee.
2. Utility Application Review
  • If permitting requirements are met, the application is approved
  • If interconnection requires electric infrastructure modifications are needed, a Facilities Study is required, and must be performed along with submission of the associated fees to continue interconnection process; once this is done, the application is approved
  • Upon approval of application, an installation and inspection fee is due to continue interconnection.
3. DER Installation Authorization Issued
  • Upon approval of application and appropriate fees are paid, an authorization for construction is issued.
4. Preliminary Installation Inspection
  • After construction of the DER system, the installer must contact the Utility through the interconnection portal to conduct the preliminary installation inspection and submit the required installation information
5. Interconnection Agreement Generated
  • Upon approval of the preliminary installation inspection, the Interconnection Agreement is generated, and must be executed by the customer. Once this is done, the Utility is notified to conduct a final inspection of the DER site.
6. Final Inspection
  • Includes an onsite visit in which the installation information is verified, and tested by a meter technician.
7. Meter Installation
  • Upon passing the final inspection, the bi-directional meter is installed at the DER site.
  • If there is a failure of the inspection, the meter is not installed, and the installer is notified to address the issue.
  • If there is an instance of failure, a fee to reinspect the DER is site issued and is to be paid before further action is taken
8. Permission to Operate
  • After successful installation and inspection, the Interconnection Agreement is fully executed by the Utility and customer is notified with Permission to Operate.
  • The DER system is updated in the Utility’s GIS and Billing systems
I Am Ready for Interconnection

Fee Schedule

Fee Description* Amount
DER Installation and Interconnection Application Inspection Fee $340
Facilities Fee** $1,150
DER Installation and Inspection Fee $605
Additional Inspection Fee** $165
Disconnect/Reconnect Fees $95

*All fees identified as non-refundable
**As needed

If there are any further technical questions regarding interconnection and installation, please contact the interconnection group at


What is an Interconnection Agreement?

An Interconnection Agreement is the agreement between the customer and the City, which allows the customer to interconnect their DER to the Georgetown power grid in order to generate electricity. This agreement is initiated by the installer by submitting an Interconnection Application within the Interconnection Portal.

Can I install a DER exclusively for backup purposes without having to connect to the electric grid?

Yes, you can operate your DER system separate from interconnection with the Georgetown electric distribution system. However, if you wish to operate the system parallel or interconnected with the Georgetown system, you and your system must abide by City interconnection policies, guidelines, regulations, and code requirements.

I want to learn more about solar/photovoltaic systems.

Here is a link for reference from the US Department of Energy that provides a general background of solar/ PV systems.

Will my interconnected solar installation continue to provide power during a power outage?

No, unless there is a battery or generator back up system, the solar installation tied to the grid will not produce power when the grid is down. This is to ensure the safety of our field crews and is required by law (IEEE 1547).

What size of system can I install?

The approved system size that can be allowed for interconnection and participation in the Net Energy Metering program is set at 10kW-DC. Anything larger will not be approved for interconnection. The program is only available to residential and small commercial customers.

Does the City of Georgetown have a list of recommended installers?

The City of Georgetown does not endorse any installers. We urge the customers to shop around and compare offers from multiple installers.

Who is responsible for the permitting with the city? Me or the installer?

Installers will follow this link to the interconnection portal to begin interconnection process. It is advised that the one who is actually installing the DER system to facilitate the interconnection process with the City.

What is the turnaround time for processing the interconnection application?

Permission to operate will be provided within 30 days of the interconnection submission date provided appropriate fees and processing of interconnection is also being conducted by the customer or installer.

What if I decide to remove my system or decide to move?

You must notify the City at Customer Care- 512-930-3640 or at prior to moving so updates can be made to move your new address or remove you from the appropriate billing.

There is an existing DER on the home I just purchased. How do I get the Agreement and billing transferred to my name?

Please email or call at 512-930-3640 with your name, address, phone number, and email to complete the transfer of ownership of the DER.

What if I want to make changes to my system?

If you wish to make changes to your changes, you must apply for the changes, and commence the interconnection application process once again. Please be aware of the system size that the City allows when considering this.

Do I still need to apply for an electric permit?

Only in an instance that a service upgrade or rebuild is required for the customer location in question is when an electric permit is required. Please contact the Permitting and Inspections department if you believe this is the case at

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