Georgetown Utilities & Customer Care

Customer Care

Georgetown Utility Systems Customer Care department creates positive customer experiences through excellent customer service and value added product and service offerings while building a relationship and foundation for Georgetown Utility Systems to be the provider of choice for the community.

The Customer Care department is located the Municipal Complex at 300 Industrial Avenue.  We are the community’s resource for utility connects, disconnects and payments for water, electricity, garbage, wastewater, and stormwater drainage. Our office hours are 8am – 5pm, Monday through Friday.
Phone 512-930-3640
Toll Free 888-474-4904
Fax 512-930-3534

Utility Bills and Collection Process

To review ways to pay your bill, visit ‘Paying Your Bill’.

Utility meters are read and bills mailed to customers every month. Customers are responsible for the timely payment of the account, regardless of whether the bill is received or not. If the bill is not paid by the due date, a penalty of 10% of the current bill is applied to the account and a final notice reflecting the balance plus penalty is mailed. The final notice gives the customer additional time to pay the bill. Utility service will be disconnected 30 days after the due date if the payment in full is not received in the Utility Office. The total balance due on the account must be paid in cash after disconnection to have the utilities reconnected.

Georgetown Utility Systems has a 4 step notification process to advise customers of unpaid balances (outlined below). Georgetown Utility Systems will never call customers and demand payments over the phone (we will only advise of a past due balance). If any of our customers have any questions regarding their bill, please call our Customer Care Center at 512-930-3640 before giving out financial information regarding their utility account.

4-Step Notification Process for Past due accounts:

Late Notices are mailed to customers with unpaid balances the day after the billing due date.

An Automated phone call is provided to the phone number on the account ten days after the billing due date.

A second late notice is mailed to customers with unpaid balances 20 days after the due date.

A second Automated phone call is provided to the phone number on the account 25 days after the billing due date.

It is strictly against policy for any customer service representative to accept payment in the field.

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