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Drought Stage 3 watering restrictions in effect

Aug. 31 update: Drought Stage 3 restrictions, including no outdoor watering, will remain in effect until further notice for areas generally west of D.B. Wood Road and southwest of Williams Drive due to the prolonged drought and continued water supply challenges. The rest of Georgetown’s water service area will remain in Drought Stage 2, which allows outdoor watering one day a week based on your address.

Compliance with watering restrictions is essential to avoiding additional restrictions, to keeping our water safe, and to avoiding boil water notices. View this online map to determine what watering restrictions apply to you.


The City of Georgetown serves about 43,000 water accounts representing more than 100,000 people in a 440-square-mile service area that includes the City of Georgetown and parts of Williamson, Bell, and Burnet counties.

Water is a finite resource and while we have enough water now, we need to do what we can to ensure we have enough water for the future. The ability to provide clean drinking water can be affected by many things.

Drought – during a drought, our water supply is not regularly replenished and can affect our water storage capabilities.

Demand – when water use increases, like during the hot summer months, it can cause the demand for water to place a strain on our infrastructure.

Infrastructure – as our customer base grows, so must our ability to provide water. This means more infrastructure.

Code of Ordinancesclick here to review CHAPTER 13.15. – WATER UTILITY SERVICES[4]

Georgetown has experienced unprecedented growth in the past few years and this growth is expected to continue. We are committed to meeting the needs of our growing community while providing reliable service to our customers.

Water Wise Tips and Tricks

  • Only water when needed. Factors like weather, types of plants/turf, and grass height are all things to take into account when setting your watering schedule.
  • Watch what you’re watering. Make sure your sprinkler heads are always aimed at turf/planted areas to avoid wasted water on pavement.
  • Be weather aware. If rain is in the forecast make sure to turn off your irrigation system and avoid manual watering.
  • Set your mower higher. Longer grass blades will help protect the ground underneath, which helps moisture retention and requires less supplemental water.
  • Sweep don’t spray. Using a broom to clean patios, decks, and    sidewalks is a great way to reduce unnecessary water usage around your home.

Make sure your watering time is set for the correct day in accordance to the City of Georgetown watering schedule.

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