Use Mulch to Save Water

Mulch is a chemical-free, protective ground covering, which saves water and money by conserving the soil’s moisture. It also inhibits weed growth, prevents erosion, and moderates soil temperature.

City of Georgetown curbside-collected yard trimmings are brought to the City’s Collection Station where it is ground into mulch which is free to all Georgetown Utility customers living inside the city limits. Limit one free cubic yard of mulch per account, per month.

Currently while supply lasts, we are offering this great mulch to outside city limit customers who have Texas Disposal Systems (TDS) garbage service. Customers must have TDS garbage service in order to receive one yard of mulch free.

Applying Mulch

Water the ground thoroughly before and after applying mulch. Put a layer of mulch around trees and shrubs, but avoid piling it against the trunks and stems as this will cause disease and pest infestation. After settling, the mulch layer should be 4 inches deep around trees and 2 inches deep around shrubs. Check out this helpful Texas History guide, Mulching and Composting, for more information.

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