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What’s my schedule?

image: Phase 2 - watering schedule. only water ONE day a week

What methods of watering are allowed if I want to water my lawn more than once or twice a week?

We encourage everyone to use low output watering methods like handheld watering (using a hose with or without a sprayer nozzle), using a watering can/bucket, drip systems, and soaker hoses, all of which can help protect trees, gardens, and foundations from the heat.  

We classify irrigation has automatic irrigation systems, as well as hose end sprinklers. Both of those methods can use thousands of gallons per hour, and when left unattended can lead to unnecessary water waste, and run off. 

Violations of the irrigation schedule may result in fines. 

For assistance call (512) 930-3640 or email 

For information about the Drought Contingency Plan, click here.

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