Backflow Device Testing

Backflow device testing must be submitted as part of the building final inspection, or as part of an Annual or Semi-Annual testing process.  All Backflow Tests must be submitted to

For more information contact Customer Care at 512-930-3640, or Permitting and Inspections at 512-930-2550.


Penalty Waiver Application

A customer who is disabled, or who is 60 years of age or older, may request, in writing, a standing waiver of the late penalty, for utility payments made after the due date.

The customer’s disabled status must be verified by an Award Letter from the Social Security Administration.  This waiver applies only to the account holder or their spouse.

Penalty Waiver Application

Utility Customer Confidentiality

On June 18, 2021, Governor Greg Abbott signed HB 872 and declared it effective immediately. What does this mean for City of Georgetown utility customers?  Prior to HB 872, if a customer wanted their account information to remain private, the customer would have to fill out a Confidentiality Request form.

With the passage of HB 872, all customer information of municipally-owned utilities is completely private* and may not be shared without customer permission. To learn more about HB 872, visit

If you would like your customer information to be accessible (not private) to outside entities, please fill out the Request to Disclose form located here.

* Confidentiality under Chapter 182 does not prohibit a government-operated utility from disclosing personal information in a customer’s account record to: (1) an official or employee of the state, a political subdivision of the state, or the United States acting in an official capacity; (2) an employee of a utility acting in connection with the employee’s duties; (3) a consumer reporting agency; (4) a contractor or subcontractor approved by and providing services to the utility, the state, a political subdivision of the state, or the United States; (5) a person for whom the customer has contractually waived confidentiality for personal information; or (6) another entity that provides water, wastewater, sewer, gas, garbage, electricity, or drainage service for compensation.

Aqua Alerts

With the AquaMessenger program, you decide what levels of water use in your home would trigger an email to you. For instance, if you wish to be emailed after you have used 10,000 gallons of water in a single billing month, set the first alert level to 10,000. Once you use 10,000 gallons, you will receive an email alert letting you know.

To sign up, visit

Water Conservation Plan

This Water Conservation Plan was developed to maintain and extend the available water supply to the City’s certified service area and to protect the integrity of water supply facilities

with a focus on domestic water use, sanitation and fire prevention; to protect and preserve public health, welfare and safety; and to minimize the adverse impacts of water supply shortages or other water supply emergency conditions. This comprehensive plan includes the adoption and implementation of recognized water conservation best management practices.

Click here to read the full Water Conservation Plan.

Brazos G Regional Water Plan

Regional water planning provides for the orderly development, management, and conservation of water resources and preparation for and response to drought conditions
in order that sufficient water will be available at a reasonable cost to ensure public health, safety, and welfare; further economic development; and protect the agricultural and natural resources of that particular region.

The Brazos G Area, which is comprised of all or portions of 37 counties, is one of the State’s 16 planning regions established by the Texas Water Development Board. Georgetown is in the Brazos G Region. Jim Briggs, general manager of utilities for the City of Georgetown, is a member of the Brazos G Regional Water Planning Group.

The regional water plans are developed on a 5-year cycle, with previous plans developed in 2001, 2006, and 2011. In accordance with legislative and rule requirements, all of the regional water plans must be completed and adopted by November 1, 2015. The TWDB will then compile the 16 plans into the 2017 State Water Plan. The regional water plans will continue to be updated every 5 years.

The Brazos G Regional Water Planning Group (“Brazos G/Region G”) will conduct a public hearing at 9:00 a.m., Tuesday, June 23, 2015 at the Brazos River Authority Office, 4600 Cobbs Drive, Waco, Texas 76710. The purpose of the hearing is to receive oral and/or written comments regarding the content of the Initially Prepared Brazos G Regional Water Management Plan. No action on the Initially Prepared Plan will be taken at this hearing.

To see a copy of the Initially Prepared Plan, go to